Jun 05

Critical Information for Certified Property Managers

When I set to learn how to become a certified property manager, I was just following the footsteps of my parents. Both my mother and father pursued this line of work, and subsequently I grew up in a fairly affluent family. Done properly, this career can make you a lot of money. Moreover, it’s actually a pretty fulfilling line of work because you are helping to put families and people into living arrangements. It sounds sort of sappy, but I like the idea of helping someone who is looking for a nice place to live. It is rewarding.

I went through the various requirements to get certified, jumped through the different hoops like everyone else, and arrived on the scene with the proper credentials and a hunger to get to work. I figured I had a leg up on the competition because of my parents. I spent a lot of time learning about the trade from them and thought I knew everything there was to know about the profession. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Every industry changes dramatically over the years let alone decades. My parent worked in a time before the housing crash. I am not as lucky.

So my first boss noticed my lack of current realities and made sure I perused a site dedicated to our profession. It has all the latest news and views about what is going on the world of rental properties. You can read about the latest trends in the profession, hot tips to improve your prospects, and even legal issues that have the potential to shake up the whole industry. That last topic is extremely important as laws change quite frequently and you have to keep up on them or else you can find yourself in big trouble. I’ve learned more from the site than I did getting the credentials.