Dec 29

Holden Commodore – Experience the Newly Developed Range

If you are using one of the supercharged commodores, then let me tell you that Holden v6 engine is the best and you should surely give it a try as it has some of the features like an extra bit of edge and an OEM replacement aluminum billet pulley. These types of Holden commodores come with Holden v6 engines and are basically used in the Ecotec series 2 and 1 cars that come fitted in from the factory along with a press steel pulley. This type of press steel pulley drives the alternator, power steering, water pumps and many other different accessories. These types of aluminum billet pulleys are light in weight and are considered to be the best options when it is used in engines. Such replacement pulleys are made of the highest quality available in the market and that is T6061 billet aluminum which is much sturdier and cheaper than the normal steel ones available in the market.

How are these commodores used?

It has been stated that the flagship of the Holden brand, the mighty Commodore has always been a huge beast. The different versions beginning from the year 2010 is no different with a V6 engine and a muscular exterior in it. When you try driving it you will feel that you are on cloud nine riding the king of the road. Thus, for similar reasons it has been proved that Holden Commodore has been the best-selling cars throughout the year and somehow has many of the Holden fans crowing about it.

Using this type of replacement aluminum billet pulleys makes your engine well dressed and also helps your cars to work in a better way when compared to the other types of engines used. These powerful engines are then used in Ecotec engines that are then used to run power steering, alternator, and water pumps. These are thus 20 percent larger than the standard ones that are used for power steering, alternator, and water pumps. All these engines here are also available in the same size and are mostly used as the factory-fitted Holden pulleys. Hence, all these can easily replace the factory ones and if you wish you can do the replacement too by yourself using a fan belt of the same size.

The process by which you use these engines can be fitted very easily as mentioned here. All you have to first do it to remove the fan belt. This can be easily done by undoing the bolts that hold the power steering, alternator and water pump using a pulley. Now try to remove the old press steel pulley and then attach the new OEM billet pulley in the place that is now empty. Check if you have fitted everything well and then tighten the bolts back on to it. Later after all the processes are completed, you can then attach the fan belt in the end and make your engine all spruced up again.

Why should you go in for a replacement pulley?

The main use of these pulleys is to try slowing down the RPM’s also known as Revolutions per minute. Once this is slowed down you can they try focusing on slowing down the other important car parts? When it comes to power steering, it can help in avoiding any other type of cavitations, oil boiling, frothing and breaking down the consistency of the oil being used in there. For water pumps, it is used to avoid cavitations and decrease the flow of water that goes into the engine block. This is done because the cooling efficiency of the engine can be reduced in the right way. You can also use these pulleys for alternators too so that you can try avoiding over-revving of the alternator and help it to prevent from failing and stop working. These pulleys here have already been extensively used in race cars like modified production wingless sprint cars and many other different types of speedway classes. Different race divisions available in the Ecotec series engine cars also use this type of material. You will be surprised to know that these commodores are popularly and widely used in the Holden V6 engines too that are mostly accepted by larger countries like Australia and New Zealand All you have to do is to check if they are already race tested and have a proven performance record. Hence, these are one of the great accessories that have been developed for your race cars. So do not waste much of your time and do try one today.